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by posted 11/18/2020

The City of Waterbury, Bureau of Recreation inside athletic COVID Protocol:

  • All participants, coaches, staff and players must wear a mask in facilities at all times. This includes upon entrance into the facility, during game times and during all skills training sessions.  MASKS must be worn at all times.


  • Pursuant to Executive Order No. 7NNN, masks or cloth face coverings that cover a person’s nose and mouth are required to be worn when in public.



  • Temperatures will be taken prior to entrance into the facility and if 100.4 or higher there will be no admittance into the facility. Do not attend if one’s temperature is 100.4 degrees or higher, or if sneezing, coughing, ill, elderly, immuno-compromised or have an underlying health condition that makes one more susceptible to Covid-19.  


  • Each person after having their temperature taken, will enter into the facility and will sign in giving full name (first and last) and telephone number for tracking and tracing purposes. If there is a predetermined roster available, the participant’s name will be checked off and phone number will be verified.



  • City of Waterbury, Bureau of Recreation does not allow parents, spectators or anyone who is not on the predetermined list to enter into the facility. There are NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • However, we will FACEBOOK live stream all games from all of our four locations: 
  1. Chase Park House:


  1. River Baldwin Recreation Center:


  1. Washington Park House:


  1. North End Recreation Center:






  • Players should hand-sanitize every time they come out of the game.


  • At the conclusion of each game or training session players are asked not to shake hands or give high 5s. Players must clean up any refuse after every game and place it in a garbage can. This includes the area around the bench.



  • Players will exit from a different location from which they previously entered into the facility.


Victor Cuevas, MS, ABD

Supervisor of Recreation


Jessica L. Donahue-DiBattista, CPRP, AFO

Recreation Center Director

Christina M. Forgione, MSW

Recreation Center Director


** City of Waterbury, Bureau of Recreation follows all CDC and State of Connecticut Department of Public Health guidelines. **

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Jessica Donahue 
Jessica Donahue 
Victor Cuevas 
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