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Prospect Community Center

Covid 19 Abatement Policy

  • Due to the current pandemic we ask that all teams refrain from shaking hands at the conclusion of all games.   

  • All players while playing in the Community Center must wear a mask during play and on bench. 

  • Spectators in attendance must wear masks. 

  • Please be reminded that we ask that you continue to social distance and sanitize hands.   

  • All coaches must keep a detailed log of those that have participated in each game for contact tracing purposes.  

  • If you have a positive player, coach or referee you must contact Chesprocott immediately. After hours # 203-206-8173 

  • Chesprocott will ask for complete list of who attended practice or games, including phone and email address. You will be asked to send a LETTER notification to all close contacts. You will need to submit this to Chesprocott 

  • Covid 19 Contact Prospect Parks and Recreation 203.758.0036

  • If a player or manager feels ill please advise them to stay home.   

  • We ask coaches to bring hand sanitizer to games for player use.   

  • NO Sharing of Beverages 

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