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Below is Brookfield Home Gym Covid 19 policy:


Regardless of vaccination status, all coaches and spectators are required to wear masks while in the gymnasium for game play. 


In regard to players, when sitting on the benches, accommodations will be made such that all players will be positioned 6 feet apart and they all must remain masked. Masks must also be worn by all players during pregame warm up such as lay up lines etc.


CIAC winter guidelines state everyone including refs, coaches, players and spectators must wear masks.


There is no restriction placed on the number of spectators permitted to attend games for a given player/family. However, each “family unit” must sit together in the same “pod” and remain masked.  In addition, each “pod” should be seated at least 6 feet away from another group. 


**Protocol for positive COVID-19 cases:



(1) fully vaccinated players and coaches DO NOT have to quarantine from sports or other activities if they have a known COVID exposure and are asymptomatic. However, they should wear a mask around others indoors until they receive a negative COVID test on day 5-7 post exposure.


(2)Partially vaccinated or unvaccinated individuals who have a COVID exposure and are asymptomatic will be required to quarantine for 10 days and can return to play on day 11 if they have a negative test on day 8 or later. Of note, “partially  vaccinated“ refer to someone more than 6 months removed  from their last Pfizer or Moderna without booster or more than 2 months removed from last J&J without a booster.


(3) symptomatic individuals or those with a positive COVID test result require a full 10 day quarantine with the option to return to play on Day 11 if symptom free(specifically fever free) on days 9 and 10.






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