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Covid protocols - Hamden Fathers' home gym
One parent or guardian (spectator) per player.

Everyone is required to wear a mask when entering the gym and must keep them on.  Masks will be required for officials and players while on the floor and sitting on the bench socially distanced. Benches will be extended to accommodate social distancing.

All parents or guardians must social distance while in the gym. All volunteer coaches and gym personnel must wear mask while inside the gym. We will have a table setup with enough sanitizer for players, parents or guardians and volunteers to use. 

All games times will be staggered to allow for current teams to exit the gym and sanitize. The next set of teams will be allowed into the gym once the previous teams have exited. We are buffering 10 minutes to exit, such that teams will have 5 minutes to warm up.

At the conclusion of the game, players, parents and guardians will exit the gym immediately.  

Only warm up balls bought in by coaches please.
Only home score keeper and timer allowed at table due space limits,


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Chris DeMatteo 
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