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      How to put a Non-League Game on your team’s schedule

Many teams like to show all of their games on their schedules. That will give them a complete schedule, and it will keep track of their overall won loss record as well as their league record. To do so, print out and follow these steps:



Please note the site only allows team managers to enter home games, so if you schedule an away game with a non league fcbl team, the host has to enter the game. If home team chooses not to enter it, you can enter the game at their location but the site will show you as the (h)ome team.


Click on the icon at the upper right hand part of the website screen.

Put in your email address 


If you have a password, then enter it

(If you don't have a password, then enter without one and an email will be generated creating your ability to set one up)



Click on the fcbl.jpg icon, then


Click on the fcbl2.jpg icon


Find and click on “Add Game or Practice” 


Enter Date and Time. A common error is to enter a game for the wrong year, because one forgets to change the date to next year, so please enter the full date carefully.

Under Location surf and click on the gym that you are playing in. If it is not there, then use “Unlisted gym”. Later, you can get the gym directions and email them to Doug Scott ( ), he will add that gym into the website. The directions to that gym will then be embedded into your schedule.

Under Category, you typically will need to choose a type that includes the “(NC)” in the name. The most common is 'NonLeague Game (NC)' which means ("Non Conference") so the website will not count that results of the game in the FCBL Division standings. Please try to choose one of the existing categories (check them all). If the one you want is not available please follow the format and include the (NC) in the type ie "Tournament Hartford (NC)". The website will list these games separately in the results page and will separately total divison and overall records in the standings page.


Under Team, select your team.

Under Opponent surf until you can click on the opposing team. Be very careful that you click on the correct (gender/grade) team here as well. If this team is in the FCBL, it will be in this listing. If it is not in the FCBL, you may find it listed under Outside. If it is not listed under “Outside”, you can create a new listing by typing in the Other box.


Hit Submit and you should be all set. Be sure to go to your schedule and make sure that this game shows up. If it doesn’t, you have probably entered the wrong grade/sex and it is sitting on someone else’s schedule. Figure that out and edit that error away.


As a general note: before adding any of your nonleague games to your schedule, check your schedule to see if any of your FCBL opponent nonleague games have already been put there by your FCBL opponents. That will enable you to avoid the duplication.