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How to handle a snow-out
(or how to reschedule)

When you are facing a snow out, you clearly want to communicate with your opponent ASAP. Remember every team should have pretty detailed contact information on their “Bulletin” page (To get there, click on Team, surf through Division and Team, then Bulletin is on the left hand column with Schedule, Results, etc.). Note: if your team’s Bulletin page is light on contacts and/or contact info, email the additional names, phone numbers and email addresses, that you want added to

If you plan to make up this snowed out game, once you get the new time and location, you can:

      1. Just edit the old game, which is sitting in your Results (with no score entered). Once you edit the date on this game to a future day, it will leave your Results page and jump back onto your Schedule page. (So Results show all listed games where the date has passed, whereas Schedule shows all games where the date is in the future).

     or, 2. Delete* the snowed out game and Add New Game  (see "How To" tab on the home page) later when you set the date.

Reminder: Any missed League game must be made up by the end of February, or it is considered a loss for BOTH teams. Please try to make up these games ASAP, because we will no doubt have more snow outs to make up later.

If you do not plan to make up a Non-League game, please delete* it from your Results page. Otherwise, it shows up on an “Unreported Games” list, and someone from the League will be needlessly tracking you down for the score or other resolution.

*Deletions are made by the big red X on a game listing (if you have passworded in prior to viewing the listing). If you delete, the game disappears. As opposed to "cancelling", where the game stays on your listings but is described as cancelled.