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How to post game scores

Click on the Sign in spot at the upper right hand part of the website screen.

Put in your email address 

If you have a password, then enter it

(If you don't have a password, then enter without one and an email will be generated creating your ability to set one up)



Click on Team tab and surf your way back to your team

Click on Results in the left margin menu

Go to the game listing and click on the edit icon (pencil and paper)

Input the score and you are finished.




Note 1: Do not leave games, either League or Non-League, unreported. Please either score them or delete them, so they stay off of the website’s “Unreported Games” list and League personnel will not feel obliged to track you down for a resolution.

Note 2: If the game had an embarrassingly lopsided score, feel free to show 1-0 so a win is identifiable.