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To add a Team Contact for your team, you will need to use the 

Add a Player function on your team's Roster page


Click on the  Sign In icon at the upper right hand part of the website screen.

Put in your email address 

If you have a password, then enter it

(If you don't have a password, then enter without one and an email will be generated creating your ability to set one up)

Then surf back to your Team's Roster webpage.

Enter member information using the Options/Add Player link at the right of the the Roster page.

(If the person is already in the system from a prior year, you can edit existing member information by clicking any member's name by click on the little yellow padlock icon to the right of the FCBL and Team tabs in the upper left hand part of the home page, passwording in, and then menu-select  Directory  listing.) 

On the Member Information form, you should enter name, email address and phone number.

To the right of those contact info entries, menu surf for and select the Public option. 


Then menu surf and select the Teams box, up above the address section.


Once on the Teams page, under the Position column, add in the appropriate Coach, Assistant Coach, Manager, Scheduler or Program Director choice.  Those postion names move the person off of your Player roster and up into the Contacts section for your team's profile.  


If you want a certain listing order for your Team Contacts, then use the Number box to the right of the Position box. A lower number such as 1 will be listed above, a contact with the number of, say, 2 or 3.