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FCBL does not host a 4th-grade league, but several of our Member Programs do have 4th-grade teams.

They are occasionally looking for game and scrimmage opponents. We have set them up in a section of our website, primarily as a means of listing their contact info.

We also host an informal scheduling meeting in the preseason to facilitate game and scrimmage bookings, see Upcoming Events on the home page.


4th grade Development Teams Contacts website section


If you have any questions or would like further guidance, please contact FCBL 4th Grade Coordinator as listed on the FCBL Contacts section.


To have your 4th grade team contacts posted in this website section, please email 



4th Grade Basketball Guidelines, As Adapted from NBA Jr Basketball

4th grade basketball programs are expected to focus on the teaching the basics of the game while showcasing only the best of sportsmanship to fellow teammates, coaches, refs, fans, and facilities.

All teams are encouraged to speak with their opponent prior to the game to discuss team skill levels, tactics, and/or unique gym setup. Both teams must agree prior to tip-off (example: pressing the last two minutes). If both coaches aren't in agreement, that tactic shouldn't be used.

Individual and team understanding of the game is much more important than wins or losses. This grade's level of play and seasons are meant to be FUN!

All games scheduled through the FCBL site will be considered scrimmages. There aren't any league or division tournaments or champions. Scores should be input by the coaches and/or team managers with the intention of scheduling like skills teams in-season. 

We encourage teams to find a fun way to add skills to game days to reinforce technique and help grow their love of learning the game.

The below-playing standards and rules are to serve as guidelines and recommendations for those administering basketball competitions. We understand that organizations and facilities may not always be able to accommodate some of the recommendations. In that case, we suggest that modifications are allowed where limitations exist (i.e. inability to raise or lower the heights of the basket or redrawing the court lines).

For any further clarification, please reach out to the 4th-grade division director. 


Size of Ball: junior size ball (27.5”) for both boys and girls
Height of Basket: 9.5’ rim heights
Size of Court: 74’x50’
Distance of 3-Point Arc: Not Applicable
Distance of Free Throw Line: 13’ - jumping over the line will be considered an infraction
NOTE: 3-on-3 half-court play is also recommended for young players to foster enhanced participation and development.


Game Length Four 8-minute periods
Time Between Periods 1 minute
Extra Period(s) 2 minutes
Scoring: Free throw: 1 point; all field goals: 2 points, no 3-point field goals
Timeouts: Two 60-second timeouts permitted in the first half of play. Two 60-second timeouts permitted in the second half of play. One 60-second timeout granted for each extra period
- Unused timeouts may not carry over to the next half or into extra periods
Start of Game Possession Jump Ball


Playing Time Equal playing time in periods 1-3. Coaches' discretion in the 4th period and each extra period

Set Defense: Discourage zone defenses in favor of focusing on the fundamentals of defense - Play person to person for a minimum of 2 full quarters.
Pressure Defense: Full court pressing is allowed the last two minutes of the 2nd and 4th quarters and each OT period. Leading team may not extend defenses past half court or intentionally trap when leading
by 12 points or more.

Double-Team/Crowding/Trapping: Coaches discretion – specific trapping defenses aren’t allowed if leading by 12pts or more.

Stealing From the Dribbler: Coaches discretion throughout the competition


Backcourt Timeline: 10 seconds
Shot Clock: Not applicable
5 Seconds: Closely Guarded Only when the offensive player is holding the basketball
Clock Stoppage: On any dead ball
Length of Time for a Free-Throw: 10 seconds
Number of Players Permitted on Free-Throw Lane:
- Offense may have 3 players on the lane, including the shooter
- Defense may have 3 players on the lane
Substitutions: Either team may substitute when the clock is stopped
Advancement of Ball after a Timeout: Not applicable