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Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Does FCBL provide insurance or liability coverage for towns/teams/players.

A:  No.  Each team/organization is responsible for proper insurance and liability coverage, proof of which should be a requirement of the facilities provider.

Q: Is there an easy way to see the schedule and results of my division on a given date?

A:  Go to the Team Tab, check you are in the correct season and division, change the team to "Select" (no team selected), then click on schedule.  This will show the schedule for all teams in the division by week.  If you go to previous week "prev" you can see the scores of the games assuming they have been entered.

Q:  How do I see last year's team results?

A:  Go to the Team Tab on top, click on the SEASON pull down and change to 2004-2005, wait a moment for the screen to refresh, then select the league and team.  All of last year's info is available. 

Q:  Is there restriction on the uniform numbers?

A:  While the CT state HS rule is 0-5 tens digit and 0-5 ones digit, there are several programs that do not observe that limit allowing numbers 0-99.  FCBL will not count the uniform infraction as a technical.  However, based on feedback from several officials, it is highly recommended that programs adhere to the rule to reduce the possibility of errors at the scoring table. 

Q:  How many games do you foresee teams playing?

A:  We are expecting to add several towns from last year, but the practical limit for league games is 18 (9 home).  I think most divisions will be split A/B and even some C, making for good competition, with a lot of options to play outside.  For example if we have 21 teams in a division split even a/b/c, that would only be 12 required league games, and room for 6+ "other" games where ambitious teams can play up or weaker teams can play down to round out their schedule.

Q:   If I got an exception for a player on our team last year will that exception carry over?

A: No.

Q:  I have a player that was promoted a grade, can they still play in their age appropriate grade in FCBL?

A: No.

Q:  How many teams can a town have in FCBL?

A:  No Limit.  Travel teams are usually the most competetive kids from a town.  However, every town will have the unusually "large" grade of interested players and will submit two or more teams.  With the growth of this league we will probably be able to support extensive number of B teams and even C teams. 

Q: What if the host team does not provide two patched ref’s?

A: If the host team does not provide two patched refs then the visiting team, PRIOR to the game, can refuse to accept the game as a league game, and reschedule or the host will forfeit the game.  If the visiting team agrees to count the game they cannot dispute it after the fact.



Q:  What if an organization represents more that one town, can I still enter a team?


A:  Yes but each team must only have players from one town.  No multitown teams are eligible to play in FCBL.


Q:  If a player attends school and participates in other community programs of a town but does not reside there can he play on that town's team?


A.  Conditionally, yes. If a player either lives in the town, OR is somehow eligible to attend PUBLIC school in that town, then they can play for that town's team.


Q:  If a player moves between seasons can they play for their old team?


A.  No.  Once the season starts they are to stay on the team they were orginally rostered on.


Q: Is there a required time for try-outs?


A:  No but we are recommending having them done before OCT 31.