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Fairfield County Basketball League
Special 5th Grade Girls Rules
Referee Handout
All FCBL 5th grade girl team management needs to bring a copy of this handout to each 5th grade girls League game. It should be shown to the referees prior to the game.
FCBL 5th grade girls League games are to be officiated under normal CIAC high school rules, with the following exceptions:

***NEW - Ball Size - 5th grade girls will use a 27.5 size ball ***

13 foot free throws: A piece of tape should be placed two feet in front of the regulation free throw line. That marker serves as the 5th grade girls’ free throw line. The player will not be allowed to jump over that line marker on her shot release.
Three point line scoring:  3 point line scoring is allowed for 5th Grade Girls.
No pressing in the backcourt until the final two minutes of the game:
i.                    If a team is leading by 10 or more points, they will not be able to press at all.
ii.                  Technically, prior to the final two minutes of the game, it is impossible for a defender to commit a foul in the backcourt.
If she inadvertently presses and fouls in the backcourt, she should be waved off, and possibly have the ball re-inbounded by the offense if necessary to re-establish the flow of the game. She will not be charged with a personal foul.


During Overtime play, pressing will be allowed for the entire 3 minutes of the overtime period(s). 


During the FCBL Tournament, all above rules still apply.