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       How to edit Game details on your team’s schedule

The first step is to confirm with your opponent that they understand the changes that you are making.


Click on the icon at the upper right hand part of the website screen.

Put in your email address 

If you have a password, then enter it

(If you don't have a password, then enter without one and an email will be generated creating your ability to set one up)


Surf your way back to your team's Schedule (It's a left hand column tab whenever you are in your team's subsection of the website).

Click on Schedule.

Your previously entered games are all listed here.

See the    edit icon shown at the right side of each game listing. 
 (It only appears when you are in the website while under your password).

Once you click on the edit icon, you will be able to enter whichever menu box that you need to change.

Do not be shy about adding a short note in the
  Note: box re the nature of the change that you are making. It might help avoid confusion for others later.

To get that change to stick, just click on the Submit key near the bottom.

If you want no one to get email notice of this change, leave the Send to boxes unchecked.

If you want players (assuming they are Roster listed with email addresses)  and team managers to get email notice, then click the two boxes like the example below.

If you want only those listed in the Contacts as management to get the email notice, then only check the top box.



   Send Notices To:
Team Managers
Team members and their parents