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How to add a photo on your team’s webpage section

Click on the icon at the upper right hand part of the website screen.
Put in your email address 

If you have a password, then enter it

(If you don't have a password, then enter without one and an email will be generated creating your ability to set one up)

Click on the fcbl.jpg icon, then

Click on the fcbl2.jpg icon

Scroll down and click on “Picture Manager” 

aand the following page shall appear:



  Click on  


and the following page shall appear:

 Upload Pictures   

  Link To: (Optional web or email address)   
Watermark: (Optional)   
Original: (make original file available for download)     
 The buttons above don't work for me. Use a more basic upload method.

Click inside the 



 The buttons above don't work for me. Use a more basic upload method.

And this screen will appear
 Upload Pictures
  Link To:  (Optional web or email address)   
  Watermark:  (Optional)   
  Original:  (make original file available for download)   
  File Name:  
Use the Browse button to select up to 10 picture files to be uploaded at once.


NOTE: If you do not see the "SELECT FILE" or "CHOOSE FILE" button, you can try going to the web address bar, clicking the lock icon, and find Flash. Change the setting to Allow. You can also try to use a different Internet browser.


Menu surf inside the Team:  box and select your team.

then click on


Surf into your computer files to find the photo that you would like to post, select it

and then click on