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Scheduling Meeting

This document is for coaches and managers to attend the annual scheduling meeting.


  • Confirm your 9 home gym dates with your organization.
  • Review Player/Team Eligibility Rules
  • Review the competition level (A/B/C) with your Coach, Program Director and Division Director.
  • Complete Team App by due date.
  • Collect Birth Certificates copies from Players.
  • Collect Grade-Age exceptions forms from required players.
  • Send in Payment
  • Bring the following REQUIRED documentation to Scheduling Meeting:
    • Team roster Form
    • Birth Certificates, copies are fine
    • Grade-Age exception forms, see "Documents" tab on the home page left column
    • Scheduling Form, see "Documents" tab on the home page left column


  • Check-in - present your team documentation for review by scheduling volunteers.
  • Rules Review.  Listen and ask questions.
  • Wait until division director confirms all teams have arrived before scheduling.
  • Schedule games in your sub-division. Make sure you get required number of LEAGUE games.
  • Balance the number of home and away league games.
  • Schedule games in the other sub divisions as desired.
  • Submit a your completed Scheduling Form to the division director confirming the number of league games and have him give you a copy. 
  • Do not leave the meeting until your Divison Director has confirmed all teams in your Division have completed their League schedule, and that your Scheduling Form has the proper number of League games listed on it.