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Team Manager Responsibilities

When the Team Application is received from your organization you will get listed as one of your team's Contacts. That will allow you to sign into the website under the email address that is shown for you in the Team Contacts section.

This website access will allow you to update the team info, enter bulletins.

After the scheduling meeting, you will need to review the game schedule.  If you have scheduled additional games you may enter them.   You can only create/update home games.

Once the season begins, you should update and review the scores of your league and non league games.  If there is a discrepancy, contact the Division Director.

During the season you are responsible for rescheduling cancellations.  Both teams will receive a loss if a scheduled game is not made up by the end of the season.  Contact the other team's manager as soon as the game is cancelled.  Many teams have to use their practice times to make games up.   If you find you can not make up a game while the opponent has offered dates you may be given a forfeit.