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Our summer league insurance coverage comes from the AAU. If a player does not have an AAU membership, he can get one as follows:

Log onto 
Click on    AAU Membership Programs    (right hand side of the screen)
Drop down and click on    Athlete Membership 
Fill in personal information and use the following in the lower section
 Program: Youth Program
 Membership Term : Regular Membership $12
 Sport:       Basketball-Boys  or Basketball-Girls
 Club Code: XXTTT6          

 Respond to the "Do you have health insurance?" question.

 Click on       Continue 
 Click on       Click here to checkout 

Make a choice from the "free" T Shirt options

Click on       Click here to checkout 
 Fill in credit card info 
 Click on       Continue
After you have submitted your credit card info, etc, make sure your print out the membership card that is shown there.
Your team manger will need you to email him/her the “Membership ID #” from that card (Not the “Order Number”).