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FCBL does not endorse or recommend any specific conditioning program, we are listing these programs below as a information service.  

If you would like your conditioning program listed, please format a submission with Name, Location,  Contact and Comments as below, and send them to


Bright Athlete Performance - 217 Pepes Farm Road, Milford, CT.


Instagram: @brightathleteperformance

Contact: Derek Ward,

Sports Performance training facility that focuses on becoming the best person, student, athlete you can be. Goal Boards, Accountability Sheets, and family mentality are what separates Bright Athlete. Training focuses on mastering fundamentals and movement efficiency to become as fast and healthy as possible, strength training, and mobility, we test every 8 weeks and train to perform.

Coach Ward trains NHL, NFL, highschool, youth of all levels.


Better Athletic Development LLC                         - (203) 924-2230 -


No Days Off Training LLC                                           Stamford
Website: (under construction) 
Contact: Mike Kennedy - 203 424 8018 or Steven Johnston - 203 428 1519
Location: TBD

BRICEBUILT PERFORMANCE TRAINING                      New Milford

Next Level Professional Quality Training

Ages --10+


BriceBuilt is a Performance Program for all sports athletic enhancement but; has the best basketball and soccer training program out in the sports world. Muscle groups Strengthening (Upper, Core, Lower), Stability, Mobility, injury prevention while enhancing athleticism (speed, quickness, agility, vertical).


Located at 32 Still River Drive New Milford CT 06776


Contact Brice Assie LEAD TRAINER  (203) 731-0330 or


Check out or site and social media below:


 - Facebook page / Instagram / Twitter: @BRICEBUILT


Ozone Fitness Training Center Fairfield

Youth Athletic Development Program - Where Athletes become Champions

Ozone Fitness offers athletic training to athletes age 10-18

Combining Power, Strength, Stability and Mobility to help take athleticism to the next level.  

Carefully applied, well supervised conditioning programs are necessary for safe adaptations to the demands of explosive sports. Setting the foundation for successful Youth Athletics takes the right program and a sound responsible approach.

Contact Ken O'Toole @ (203)690-1470 for details

Facebook @ ozone fitness training center


Jason Papalio - Mindfulness Training / Sport Specific 'Yoga Coach'  -  Stamford, CT

Athletes of all ages: I currently work with various Division 1 Teams in the tri-state area

Method taught to the: NY Giants for the past 15 years + NY Knicks, NY Yankees, NY Rangers, NY Red Bulls, NYC FC. 

6 Major Facets: Balance, Strength, Flexibility, Focus, Mental Toughness, & Breathing.

Can be implemented for: Recovery, Regeneration, & Rejuvenation. 

Contact: Jason Papalio: 203-564-6218 or email at 



Newtown Athlete                                                            Newtown
Sports specific speed and agility training 
Contact: Lushon Greene at or 1-800-223-9618
Visit website -

All American Athletes                                                     Stamford
Speed, agility, and strength training
203 504 2336

Jonathan Hudak, MS, CSCS                                                 Stamford
Head Strength and Performance Coach
Moore PT Stamford
83 Harvard Avenue
203 595 2905

SportPerformanceU                                              Norwalk

Location: 326 365 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Drive , CT
SportPerformanceU is a high performance training facility geared toward training athletes to perform at an elite level…Choose Greatness!
Contact: Alex Drayson (203) 831-0130 
 Email - 

Jared Green
(203) 742-1721