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FCBL does not endorse or recommend any specific student-athlete college placement guidance service, we are listing these programs below as a information service.  

If you would like your student-athlete college placement service listed on this webpage, please send a submissions in a similiar summarized format to these below and email it to


Steve Bogan- Connecticut Area Coordinator
At STUDENTathleteWorld(.com) we work with committed student-athletes and their families to provide education on the recruiting process, and we provide local personal consultation throughout the process.‚Äč   Simply put, “We Help Athletes Get Recruited!”
Contact: 203.292-8362 or
Visit website for more info

Darien Academic Advisors

We are a full service educational consulting firm offering a personalized approach with competitive rates. We work with applicants to college, boarding school, independent day school, and MBA school. We have a specialized sub-practice working with student-athletes on the dual process of athletic recruitment and college admissions. For more information, please visit or email us at

Michael White
Darien Academic Advisors
975 Boston Post Road
Darien, CT 06820
(203) 202-8082
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For professional assistance in navigating a player's placement in a college basketball program, click on

Andover College Exam Prep
Sports team based SAT/ACT Exam prep courses

Andover's Create-A-Class is designed to provide student-athletes an opportunity to maximize both their academic and athletic potentials without the two interefering with each other.

A group of any five or more students (such as the members of a sports team on the same unique practice schedule) can customize the meeting times for Andover's SAT Advantage Course (52 hours) or their ACT Advantage Course (27 hours) as their schedules demand. They also choose the location, which can be at one of Andover's offices, a virtual classroom, or other physical location of their choice (for example, in  a school classroom, near their team's practice gym location). Andover's instructors will travel to the students' locale.

The entire program is catered towards the students' unique scheduling, which makes Create-A-Class ideal for sports teams. For more information, please visit , or contact the Andover office at             (203) 226-6211      , or email