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If you run your teams locally on a League Athletic site, and you want to link those teams into their corresponding team, then follow these steps below:

Get the Adminstrator’s  password  for your  local site.

Login into the Admin section, then surf the following progression:

    Divisions and Teams
Click on your target team, say 5th Grade Boys Travel, per the example below
Then that team’s profile page will come up, like in the example below
Go to the Parent League box, and then surf into the team listing until you find the corresponding FCBL team that you want to link into,
Enter Submit and you are done
This means that will share Results, Schedule (Games) and Standings with your subsidiary site.
If you post your team’s Practice schedule (and General Event notes) on the subsidiary site, that site’s schedule will show both practices and the FCBL games feed…
….but the FCBL site will only show the games entered on it

(so your practices stay local, but your games, results and standings show up on both sites).
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Fairfield County Basketball League:
Connecting to a Parent team will allow Parent League Administrators access to certain data including:
Team Rosters (read-only), Schedules, Standings and Results

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