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Trinity Catholic High Gym Covid 19 Protocols

Acknowledgement of Infection Risks

It is incumbant on anyone attending a game at Trinity Catholic to recognize the ongoing risk of contracting Covid 19 in doing so. Participants and spectators should be fully aware that this interaction and congregation increases the risk of them becoming ill with the virus and of them spreading the virus to family members and the community. If a person or their child have an underlying heath condition, there may be a further increased risk in partcipating in sports and being a spectator. Please contact your doctor before participating in or spectating a game at Trinity Catholic's gym. Known risk factors include increasing age, obesity with body mass indexes above 30, chronic lung disease including moderate, severe or uncontrolled asthma, type 2 diabetes, chronic kidney disease, sickle cell disease, heart conditions and the immunocomprised. By competing in or spectating a game in Trinity Catholic's gym, you are acknowledging the risks mentioned above.

Covid 19 protocols for when playing at Trinity Catholic Gym:

Teams will be allowed to enter the gym approximately 15 minutes prior to tip off time. However, if the previous game's particpiants have not yet cleared the building, please wait in your cars until they do so. (Related to that concept, please have your team and spectators exit the building as quickly as possible upon completion of your game).

Please attempt to limit the number of spectators to one per player.

All players, coaches, spectators, officials and staff members will wear masks at all times. This includes players and coaches while on the bench. Players will be able to remove their masks during warm-ups and during their time while playing on the court.  (Non compliance by any of these parties will result in a stoppage of play and the clearing of the building).

Hand sanitizer will be available at the scorer's table for players, coaches and staff. Balls will be sanitized pre-game and during the game breaks.

Spectators from different households, should stay at least six feet apart while in the building.


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