FCBL Playoffs

Boys Playoff Brackets are now posted. As always, these matchups have been carefully selected by our staff by looking at the complete body of work for each team. Please remember to submit your scores immediately following the game.

6th and 5th grade Boys Brackets are now live. To view the address of the gym you are playing at, go to the Schedules tab on your team page, and click on the gym name.

Girls Playoff Brackets

Brackets are Live!

FCBL Girls Playoff Brackets are Live! Click on the links to view the brackets in your team's division. We know about certain conflicts on March 10, and will address championship times and dates once the semifinals are over for each division.

A number of FCBL teams have been competing and taking home the hardware at winter tournaments. Above Fairfield FBA Black 8B won the top Gold Division at the Vertical Hoops Winter Championships at Mohegan Sun. Also winning were Shelton Black 5B, Milford 5G, Westport Blue 6G, Westport 7G, St Mark 7/8B, and Fairfield FBA Black 8G.


8:00 AM | Insports Centers
Fairfield FBA Yellow 6B
CT Hoopfest Madison Gold
8:00 AM | Wakeman-Smilow
Milford Knights Blue 7G
Norwalk GBA 7G
9:05 AM | Shelton Interm
Pomperaug 6G
St Theresa 5G
9:15 AM | Easton CC
Darien YMCA Blue 5B
Fairfield FBA Black 5B
10:00 AM | Insports Centers
Pomperaug 8B
Wilton Blue 8B
10:15 AM | Hamden MS
Westport PAL Blue 7B
Madison Black 7B
10:25 AM | Shelton Interm
Redding-Easton 8B
Waterbury CT Swish 8B
10:35 AM | Easton CC
Newtown Gold 5B
Westport YMCA 5B
10:50 AM | Saxe MS Small Gym
Pomperaug 5B
Darien YMCA White 5B
10:50 AM | Saxe MS Large Gym
Branford Hornets 7G
Darien YMCA 7G
11:00 AM | Westhill HS Aux Gym
Norwalk GBA 6G
New Canaan 6G
11:00 AM | Insports Centers
Wakeman-Southport 6B
Milford Knights White
11:10 AM | Stamford JCC
Ridgefield Orange 6B
Bridgeport Kings Kids 6B
11:15 AM | HolyTrin Greek
Milford Knights Blue 6B
Westport PAL Blue 6B
11:35 AM | Hamden MS
Westport PAL Gold 8B
Monroe Park + Rec Travel 8B
11:45 AM | Shelton Interm
Milford Knights Blue 8G
St Theresa 8G
11:55 AM | Easton CC
Winner 1-3
Newtown Blue 5B
12:00 PM | River Baldwin Recreation Center
Westport YMCA 6B
Waterbury South End 6B
12:10 PM | Saxe MS Small Gym
Bethel 5G
Darien YMCA 5G
12:10 PM | St Mary School
Westport YMCA 6B
One Five Norwalk 6B
12:10 PM | Newtown YA Court 3
Meriden YMCA Superjets 7B
Brookfield 7B
12:10 PM | Saxe MS Large Gym
Fairfield FBA Black 8G
Ridgefield Black 8G
12:15 PM | Wakeman-Smilow
Fairfield FBA Red 5B
Game Changers 5B
12:20 PM | Westhill HS Aux Gym
Fairfield FBA Black 6G
Bethel 6G
12:30 PM | Stamford JCC
St Theresa 6G
Newtown Gold 6G
12:45 PM | HolyTrin Greek
Redding-Easton 7G
Newtown Gold 7G
12:55 PM | Hamden MS
Milford Knights Blue 6G
Waterbury Focus 6G
1:05 PM | Shelton Interm
Greenwich Boys and Girls 8B
Meriden YMCA Superjets 8B
1:15 PM | Easton CC
Bethel 5B
Ridgefield Orange 5B
1:30 PM | Saxe MS Small Gym
Bridgeport Smilow 7/8G
Mt. Vernon Jr. Knights 7/8G
1:30 PM | Newtown YA Court 3
New Milford YBA 7G
Bethel 7G
1:30 PM | Saxe MS Large Gym
Hamden Fathers 6B
Mt. Vernon Jr. Knights 6B
1:30 PM | St Mary School
Darien YMCA White 6B
Bethel 6B
1:35 PM | WakemanSmilow
West Haven 8B
Waterbury PAL 8B
1:40 PM | Westhill HS Aux Gym
Winner 2-4
One Five Norwalk 5B
1:50 PM | Stamford JCC
Redding-Easton 7B
Darien YMCA Blue 7B
2:15 PM | Hamden MS
Fairfield FBA Blue 5G
The Basketball School-WTBY 5G
2:25 PM | Yanity
Weston Gold 7B
Fairfield FBA Black 7B
2:25 PM | Newtown YA Court 2
United Youth-Norwalk 8B
Shelton Orange 8B
2:40 PM | Danbury HS -M New Gym
Winner 1-4
New Fairfield 6G
2:40 PM | Danbury HS -M Main Gym
Stamford JCC Blue 6B
Waterbury South End 6B
2:50 PM | St Mary School
Fairfield FBA Blue 6B
Waterbury PAL 6B
2:50 PM | Saxe MS Large Gym
Weston War Dogs 8B
Westport PAL White 8B
2:55 PM | WakemanSmilow
Norwalk GBA 5G
Monroe Red Storm 5G
3:00 PM | Westhill HS Aux Gym
Shelton Black 5B
St Theresa 5B
3:10 PM | Stamford JCC
Winner 2-2
Game Changers 7B
3:15 PM | Middlesex Middle School
Ridgefield Black 4B
Darien YMCA 4B
3:15 PM | Middlesex Middle School
Ridgefield Black 4B
Darien YMCA 4B
3:25 PM | Shelton Interm
Pomperaug 8G
Westport PAL 8G
3:30 PM | Jonathan Law High School
St Theresa 8B
3:45 PM | Shelton Interm
Wakeman Southport White 7B
Weston Blue 7B
3:45 PM | Newtown YA Court 2
Bridgeport MAC-Caribe 8B
Bridge Academy Panthers 8B
3:45 PM | Yanity
Winner 2-4
Danbury PAL Blue 8B
4:00 PM | HoopHavenCT
Hoop Haven 8B
Weston War Dogs 8B
4:00 PM | Danbury HS -M New Gym
New Canaan 7G
Ridgefield Black 7G
4:00 PM | Danbury HS -M Main Gym
Winner 2-2
Mt. Vernon Jr. Knights 7B
4:15 PM | Wakeman-Smilow
Shelton Black 8B
New Canaan Black 8B
4:20 PM | Westhill HS Aux Gym
New Canaan 5G
Fairfield FBA Black 5G
4:30 PM | Middlesex MS Large
St Theresa 4G
Darien YMCA 4G
4:30 PM | Stamford JCC
New Milford YBA 6B
New Canaan White 6B
5:05 PM | Newtown YA Court 2
Newtown Gold 7B
Ridgefield Black 7B
5:20 PM | Danbury HS -M New Gym
Wolcott Jr Basketball 6/7G
Pomperaug 7G
5:35 PM | Wakeman-Smilow
Shelton Black 7B
Wilton Blue 7B
5:40 PM | Westhill HS Aux Gym
Ridgefield Black 5G
Milford Knights Blue 5G
5:40 PM | Wakeman-Southp
New Canaan Red 8G
St Mark 7/8G
5:50 PM | Stamford JCC
Greenwich YMCA 7B
Wakeman-Southport Blue 7B
6:00 PM | Westhill HS Main Gym
Winner 2-1
Greenwich YMCA 6B
6:10 PM | Newtown YA Court 1
Westport PAL Blue 8B
Fairfield FBA Black 8B
6:25 PM | Newtown YA Court 2
New Fairfield 5G
Weston 5G
7:00 PM | Wakeman-Southp
Wilton Blue 8G
New Canaan Black 8G
7:20 PM | Westhill HS Main Gym
Winner 2-2
Brookfield 6B
7:30 PM | Newtown YA Court 1
Winner 1-1
Fairfield FBA Black 7G
15 Nov

2023-2024 FCBL Season is Underway!

The 2023-2024 FCBL winter travel basketball season is underway with teams competing in early season tournaments in Milford and Mohegan Sun this weekend.  All schedules are now in place and non-league games are underway. 

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2 Nov

Girls Schedule Meetings

We wrapped up 2 action packed nights of FCBL Girls schedule meetings in Westport with 107 teams and over 1,500 games for the winter season.

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19 Sep

Annual Coaches Scheduling Meetings

We have posted the dates and times of each grades scheduling meetings.  See you all there in November!  Registration ends October 29th!

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25 Aug

Welcome to the New FCBL website!

Welcome to the NEW FCBL website. Registration is now open!

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