FCBL Tournament Game Rules

Tournament Game Rules


CT High School Rules apply with the following exceptions:


3-POINT SHOTS--Are allowed for all grades and genders EXCEPT 5G


28.5" size ball will be used for: Girls divisions 5th through 8Thand Boys 5th and 6th grade. 

Full (29.5") size ball will be used for: Boys 7th and 8th grade. 

CLOCK--Four 8 minute quarters.


5th grade girls will be 13 feet.

6th grade girls will be 14 feet.

Neither of the player's feet may step over the line.

OVERTIME --Three minutes in duration with 1 full timeout only. 


5th grade girls - There will be no backcourt pressing allowed except in the final two minutes of the game (and in any overtime periods) while still observing the 10 point Mercy Rule. 

The 'mercy' rule will not be in effect during the Playoffs except for 5G who will still follow regular season rules

TEAM FOULS--7 Team Fouls – shoot One-and-one   10+Team Fouls – shoot Two Shots

TECHNICAL FOULS-- Two technical fouls is automatic ejection. Technical fouls must be reported to FCBL Board.

TIME OUTS - 3 full timeouts and 2 30 second timeouts per game.

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