Team Eligibility

1.  Residency - teams must consist of players who reside in a single town (based on public school districting policy).

The exceptions to this rule for example is for Easton-Redding combination, Harwinton-Burlington combination and the Beacon Falls-Prospect combination. Those two towns can combine players from both towns onto one team, if they so choose. If you have neighboring towns that can not field their own team and wish to combine, please contact us for approval.

2.  Open Try-outs - teams must have open try-outs to all eligible residents of the town. Open tryouts must have public notice in which there is a reasonable chance that all eligible players will have seen the notice (copy of public notice and tryout attendance sheet must be available upon request)

3.  Minimum 9 Players - teams must have at least 9 eligible players. Alternates must be rostered as such for eligibility as replacement of injured players.

4.  Home Gym - teams must have at least 9 available home gym dates for League games.

5.  Facilities - teams must have an adequate facility, including a visible game clock, visible scoreboard, adequate lighting, good floor surface, three-point line if required for that age group, and seats for players and coaches. The home team must provide a scorebook scorekeeper, and timekeeper. All facilities must meet the safety standards of all applicable codes and regulations including, but not limited to, local and state regulations. No team will be scheduled into the season if they do not have an appropriate facility and court time.

6.  Administrator - teams must have a manager that is responsible for scheduling and web site updates. (this person may also be coach)   

7.  Registration - Team applications, rosters, and fees are due prior to or at the annual scheduling meeting.  No team will be allowed to schedule games if it has not filed the required forms and paid the fee.

8. Rostered Players Only - Teams can only field players that were included and approved on the team's pre-season League roster in FCBL scheduled regular season and tournament games. (However, the League choses to have no policy over who plays in Non-League games).

9. Home/Away League Games Rule (new rule 2018): teams can have no more than 60% one way without prior and written Division Director approval

10. Team Photo Requirement (for Boys teams only)  

Each boys team is required to submit to their Division Director, via email attachment, a digital team photo of their team, with the players' being identified by name in an accompanying caption note. Those names will be matched to the team's League Roster.

The deadline for this submission is prior to the team's first League game played in the season. If a team has not submitted this photo prior to their first League game, they will forfeit every League game that is played from that point on until the photo is submitted.

A partial team photo can be submitted, with subsequent individual photos being submitted at a later date for any players missing in the original team photo. However, those missing players will not be allowed to play in a League game until their photos have been submitted.

These team photos will be posted on each team's website profile. The team's opponents are strongly encouraged to access these photos and prior to all League and FCBL Tournament games.

If there is any dispute as to the legitimacy of a player, i.e., if its unclear whether that player is in the official team photo, a game ref should be notified. This ref will be interviewed by League officials, in any follow-up investigation.

A disputed player can be allowed to participate in the game. However, if it is later found that the player was illegal, that League game will be forfeited and the offending team's management will be seriously reprimanded by the League. 

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