(revised on 12/30/2022

  1. Any team found violating any player or team eligibility rule will forfeit all games played and will not be eligible for the play-offs. Any team violating play-off eligibility rules will not be eligible for the play-offs.
  2. A team may be expelled from the League if there is a recurring pattern of misconduct by players, coaches, parents and/or spectators.
  3. Any player or coach ejected from a League game is automatically suspended for the next 2 League games. Parents and spectators ejected from a League game may be prohibited from attending League games in the future. Any player or coach ejected from 2 League games will be automatically suspended for the season.  All ejections must be reportedwithin 24 hours to the Division Director by the coach who was ejected, or in the case of a player, by the coach of that player.  If a coach fails to report an ejection in a timely manner, then the League in its discretion may impose additional penalties, including among other things, a suspension for the remainder of the season.
  4. As per Connecticut State basketball rules, any punch thrown will result in an automatic ejection and 2 League game suspension.
  5. Any coach, player or spectator should feel free to contact League administrators about any misconduct or incident observed during a League game. The League reserves the right to fashion any discipline deemed appropriate for misconduct during a League game or over the course of several League games.
  6. Any physical abuse by a coach or a parent is grounds for immediate expulsion for theseason and/or from the League.
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