FCBL Tournament Rules


  • All teams are expected to arrive at their FCBL Tournament game sites at least 30 minutes prior to their scheduled game time. Warm-ups, if any, are expected to be taken prior to the Schedule posted tip-off time.
  • If a team is unable to field the minimum of five players at the scheduled tip-off time, that team will forfeit the game. This forfeit can only be overturned by the FCBL Tournament Committee, and it is envisioned that a ruling to overturn these forfeits would be quite rare. Any team seeking a reversal of these forfeits would need to contact the Tournament Committee immediately, demonstrate truly exceptional circumstances (traffic problems would not suffice) and be fortunate enough to have a make-up game that could be scheduled without disrupting the Tournament.
  • All decisions on forfeiture are within the sole discretion of the Tournament Committee 

The Tournament Committee contact is Don Chase (203 241 0652 cell; 203 227 8795 home).


  • Players participating in a FCBL tournament game must be listed on the team's official FCBL submitted team roster. 
  • Similiarly, a boys' team player will need to be present in the team's official FCBL submitted team photo.
  • These boys' team photos will be email-forwarded to every team participating in a given FCBL tournament pool. Opposing teams are encouraged to print a copy of these team photos, bring it to the FCBL tournament game and do a visual confirmation of their opponent's players prior to tip-off.
  • Prior to tip-off, any descrepancy should be brought to the attention of the opposing coach and, if necessary, an independent party such as a ref or Site Director. The player should not play in the game, unless his coach believes there has been an error. If it turns out that he wrongly played in the game, then the game will be forfeited and futher sanctions may be taken against the coach.


  • The organization of the playoff format will be confirmed by the Division Director no later than a week prior to the close of the regular season.


Relative seedings for teams that played in the same regular season division will be based on the following criteria:

  1. League won-loss record
  2. League Game Head to Head Competition 
  3. Coin Toss (two teams) or Hat Draw (more than two teams)

Relative seedings for teams that played in different regular season divisions will be made at the discretion of the Tournament Committee, who will frequently rely on a random hat draw of the seeding numbers.


The regular season limits on a full court press, when winning by a specific margin, are not in effect during FCBL Tournament play, with the exceptions of 5G, who will follow the regular season mercy rule. However, should coaches find themselves winning by a large margin, they should be mindful that they are likely ending the other team's season. Appropriate sportmanship is always encouraged by the FCBL. 


  • Individual player trophies will be given to both FCBL Regular Season Champions of each grade/gender subdivision and each FCBL Tournament Champions.
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